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Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

Lunchboxes can be super overwhelming, and as important as it is to be ticking the nutritional boxes, time efficiency and allergy-friendly options are a must! ⁠

So, if you’re stuck on how to do all this plus make it appetizing, here’s my recommendations on what to pack for school lunches:

  •   A good source of healthy fat! Think guacamole, 1/2 avocado on rice crackers, greek or coconut yoghurt served with fruit or in a smoothie, bliss balls with coconut oil or tahini, cubed or sliced cheese.⁠
  •   ⁠One serving of protein. E.g chicken or rolled turkey, nitrate-free ham, meatballs, boiled eggs, frittata, egg muffins, spirulina added to a smoothie, roasted chickpeas, hummus dip with veg sticks.⁠
  •   1-2 serves of wholegrains. E.g sourdough sandwich or mountain bread wrap with protein etc, lentil-based pasta with pesto or bolognese, oat or buckwheat-based cookies, pikelets or cupcakes, brown rice crackers or cakes.⁠
  •   ⁠1-2 serves of fresh veg. E.g. chopped veggie sticks, salad wrap, leafy greens in a smoothie, zucchini slice.⁠
  •   ⁠Fermented food. E.g kefir added to a smoothie, kombucha in some gelatine gummies, or fermented coconut yoghurt. ⁠
  •   ⁠ 1-2 serves of fresh fruit. E.g. favourite fruits of choice and try and rotate these each week to provide variety in nutritional intake.


Need some recipe inspo? Here’s a healthy school (or work) snack recipe that is nut-free and perfect to pre-make and pop in the freezer.

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